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According to US Tort Liability Index: 2010 Report put out by Pacific Research North Carolina ranks 3rd just behind Alaska and Hawaii in tort costs and law. The Report attempts to measure which states have the highest and lowest tort liability costs. The worst? New Jersey with New York and Florida joining it in the bottom three.

The Report goes on to classify states as either saints, sinners, salvageable, or suckers based on tort litigation risks, lawsuit awards, and the strength of tort laws on the books.

The saints: Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, and South Carolina.

The sinners: Alabama, California, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The salvageables: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The suckers: Idaho, Iowa, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Virginia.

Want to know more see the full Report at http://www.pacificresearch.org/docLib/20100525_Tort_Liability_Index_2010.pdf