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Election Day Info

United States Senate

Senator Richard Burr (Rep) http://burrforsenate.com/

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (Dem)  http://www.elainemarshall.org/

Michael Beitler (Lib)   http://www.beitlerforussenate.org/


North Carolina Supreme Court

Justice Brady’s Seat

Judge Barbara Jackson.   http://www.judgebarbarajackson.com/

Judge Robert C. Hunter. http://www.judgebobhunter.org/

North Carolina Court of Appeals

Steelman Seat

Judge Sanford L. Steelman, Jr. http://www.judgesteelman.org/

Calabria Seat

Judge Ann Marie Calabria.   http://www.calabria4judge.com/

Judge Jane Gray.   http://www.judgejanegray.com/

Elmore Seat

Judge Rick Elmore.   http://www.judgeelmore.com/

Steven Walker.   http://walkerforcoa.com/

Geer Seat

Judge Martha Geer.   http://marthageer.com/

Dean Poirier.   http://www.poirier4justice.com/

Wynn Seat (instant runoff voting)

Governor Beverly Perdue appointed Judge Cressie Thigpen to fill the vacancy created by Judge James Wynn’s appointment to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Because the vacancy was created after the primary filing period but more than 60 days before the general election, an election for this seat will occur on November 2, 2010.  For more information about the candidates and the voting process, see the NCBA’s flier at: http://www.ncbar.org/media/8254237/govAffairs_instantRunoffVoting_2010.pdf.

Want to know who paid for the race? http://www.sboe.state.nc.us/content.aspx?id=22