People often ask me what they can do to lower their car insurance premiums. Insurance companies look at a number of different things in determining what to charge for car insurance. They also have to stay within the rules set by the N.C. Rate Bureau.  Some of the factors they look at, you cannot change such as how long you have had a driver’s license or where you live. However, there are some things that make a big difference that you do have control over, such as reviewing the amount and types of coverage you have, asking for multi-car policy, equipping your car with anti-theft devices, and shopping around for the best price.

Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance Are you currently getting cheap insurance on your car? This checklist can help you receive cheap car insurance – not cheap in terms of quality but painless for your wallet! Get your car insurance policy and compare the cost savings with this particular list to determine if you’re getting all of the benefits you are entitled to, or print out and work with it whenever obtaining a brand new insurance policy or getting an online car insurance policy … Read More

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